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Подія: Kyiv Design Week

дати: 12—19 вересня 2023

місце: Цюрих (Швейцарія)

у рамках Zurich Design Weeks
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Kyiv Design Week
Kyiv: City of Changes

Kyiv has been at the crossroads of paths and cultures for centuries, remaining the Freedom Square for many generations. Legendary Kyiv continues to inspire us, to dream, create, and change.

Inspired by the city we love and the transitional times we live in, the Design4Ukraine Association presents the Kyiv Design Week event with the topical theme "Kyiv: City of Changes" as part of Zurich Design Weeks 2023.

The events take place simultaneously in various locations in Zurich and Kyiv and represent graphic, product, industrial and collectible design, cyber fashion, and arts & crafts.

The program of the first KDW event includes exhibitions, discussions, presentations, lectures, documentary screenings, performances, light shows, and more.

Organizer: Design4Ukraine with support of Zürich Design Weeks.

Kyiv Design Week is a part of the project ReACT4UA sponsored by the German Government.

USAID’s Competitive Economy Program (CEP) is one of the partners of Kyiv Design Week.


Events in Zürich

Design Zentrale × Zurich Design Weeks
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zürich
Open every day from 10:00 till 17:00
Participants Kyiv Design Week:
Projector Institute
Crossing Kyiv (publisher NO MAD Paper)
interactive exhibition, discussion and presentations
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Ausstellungsstrasse 60, 8005 Zürich
Crossing Kyiv
Moderator Dominique Signoroni Kuroyanagiі, founder and chief editor of NO MAD Paper
Font Fixel від MacPaw: community’s favorite, inspired by the cat.
Alyona Korolyova, creative director of MacPaw
Creativity under the flame: design and transformation of the project. Case of ClearVPN.
Anastasia Budik, MacPaw product designer
Walking through Kyiv
Architechture of brutalism from Save Kyiv Modernism + Aspichi.
Documentary films show «The Color of the facade: blue» and «Whisper of steps». VR-excursion through architect and historic sights of brutalism in Kyiv.
Kulturhaus HELFEREI (Kirchgasse 13, 8001 Zürich)
Opening at 18:00, start of the film show at 19:00
Design4Ukraine with support of Kulturhaus HELFEREI
Exhibition Crossroads of Time
Thomas Kurer Galerie (Giesshübelstrasse 62B, 8045 Zürich)
At the exhibition you can find: traditional crafts and digital products, art, industrial and collection design, color palette, conceptual fashion, and graphic design
Exhibition works:
Weekdays from 14:00 till 19:00
Weekend from 12:00 till 19:00
Opening event:
13.09, 19:00—21:00
Presentations and apero
Participants of Crossroads of Time:
UFEG (Ukrainian Fashion Education Group) — Digital fashion collections — Roots of the future
ZAVOD Ukrainian watch company — History of watches RIDER1991, REAL TIME
TheO Wallpaper — Interior paints — Kyiv colors
DONNA Factory — designer furniture
Diana Bilichenko — Bio Art series - Kyiv. Rhizome. Decorative mace out of the wheat roots /Curator Sana Moro/
S.Lab + Natura Ceramica — limited collection of the decor — deco mycø /Curator Sana Moro/
Kateryna Kuznetsova and Valeriy Kuznetsov — Collectible arts «Wanderers»
SOLOMIA Reshetylivka Craft Studio — Reshetylivska tapestry «MetaSpace»
OdesaCityLetters — Graphic design (posters and accessories)
Save Kyiv Modernism + Aspichi — VR-adventure through architectural objects of Kyiv brutalism
KYIV POSTERS — special project from curator Olga Protasova
Curator: Anastasiia Biletska
Design4Ukraine with the support of Thomas Kurer Galerie
interactive exhibition, presentations
Partner of the event:
Side event and DJ set from Yova Yager
Parallel event Zurich Design Weeks + Kyiv Design Week
MY BENI, Grubenstrasse 38, 8045 Zürich

Event in Kyiv:

KDW 2023 - Kyiv: City of Changes
MacPaw Space, Velyka Vasylkivska St. 100
1st day
Success stories of modern Ukrainian creative businesses.
Critical points on the way to implementing a dream into reality

10 : 30 — Welcome coffee

11 : 00 — Official opening / Welcome speech from organizers and partners
11 : 30 — Live broadcast from Zurich / Dominique Signoroni Kuroyanagi, founder and editor of NO MAD PAPER, and Michel Hueter, board member of Zurich Design Weeks
12 : 00 — Ukrainian Identity / Ministry of Design
12 : 30 — Fixel Font / KyryloTkachov, founder and art director of font studio AlfaBravo
13 : 00 — Projector / Olexander Tregub, CEO at Projector

13 : 30 — Dinner

14 : 30 — Zavod / Olga Kuchmeeva, owner of Zavodshop
15 : 00 — UFEG + Solomia / Maryna Loseva, owner and founder of UFEG15 : 30 — Kabluka Light & Digital Sculptures (KLDS) / Mykola Kabluka, founder, design and art director at KLDS

16 : 00 — Coffee break

16 : 30 — Superhumans / Yulia Dvorakovska, CEO at CBM Forum
17 : 00 — Aspichi + SaveKyivModernism / Olga Terefeeva, co-founder of SaveKyivModernism, Victor Samoylenko, CEO at Aspichi
17 : 30 — Division of development and innovations of armaments of the National Academy of Ground Forces / Vitaliy Kyryliv, co-founder of Hochu Rayu. design bureau
18 : 00 — Design of Changes / Jaroslaw Belinski, co-founder and head at Design4Ukraine

18 : 30 — Networking
2d day
Design of Changes for the Creative Economy.
Co-creation of the future ecosystem of Ukrainian creative industries

Location: MacPaw Space, Velyka Vasylkivska St., 100

10 : 30 — Welcome coffee

11 : 00 — Introduction to the modeling with the help of Design of Changes: method and algorithm of the process
11 : 20 — Uniting into groups due to requests
11 : 30 — Modelling game

13 : 00 — Dinner

14 : 00 — Presentation and feedback of each group
15 : 30 — Report on the whole event from the Design of Changes team

16 : 00 — Coffee break and networking

Organizers: Design4Ukraine + Design of Changes + MacPaw
Partner of the event: USAID

19 : 00

Charitable acoustic concert to thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Kyiv Design Week in Zurich and Kyiv

Location: Vozianov Studio (Ivana Franka St., 17В (enter from Lysenka St.)
Partner of the event: Swiss Embassy in Ukraine
Presentation of the Crossing Kyiv Paper (publisher NO MAD Paper)
Location: The Naked Room, Reiterska St., 21 

Partner of the event: Swiss Embassy in Ukraine


The German government seeks to help Ukrainian companies continue to work and remain a pillar for the stability and development of Ukraine's economy. The participation of Ukrainian designers in the exhibition will showcase the power of our creative sector and attract investments for further business development.

Kyiv Design Week is supported by the TIPSTER project: "Trade, Intellectual Properties Support, and Technical Regulation", which is implemented by the GS "Reform Support Fund in Ukraine" with the financial support of the German government within the framework of the international cooperation project ReACT4UA ("Application and implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine in the field of trade"), the executor of which is the German federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The project is aimed at increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises, especially in view of the accession to the EU.

USAID’s Competitive Economy Program (CEP) is one of the partners of Kyiv Design Week.

USAID’s Competitive Economy Program (CEP) supports startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to become more competitive in domestic and international markets, strengthens the business-enabling environment, helps develop a simplified and transparent business-climate as well as provides Ukrainian companies with the advantages of international trade.