Walk through Kyiv. Architecture of brutalism 
Project by Save Kyiv Modernism + Aspichi

"Facade colour: blue” is focused on the UFO building; in its design, we can see the colours of the music. The UFO was built in 1971 by architects Florian Yuriev and Lev Novikov. The documentary is about the modern history of the building and the revitalization project curated by the author and a team of modern architects.

Florian Yuriev /1929—2021/ — Ukrainian teacher, artist, architect, composer, art critic, scientist, colourist, master violin maker, PhD in Art History, poet, a man ahead of his time. Moving images as well as the interaction of light and sound played an important role in his art and are reflected in his architecture.

"The Whisper of the Steps"
Directed by Ksenia Kravtsova
Director of Photography: Vladislav Nechyporenko
Screenwriter: Inokentii Vyrovyi
With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
Ukraine, 2020. 63 min.

The Whisper of the Steps — is a film about the present and the past, life and death, despair and happiness. The documentary explores the life and work of Ukrainian artistic duo Ada Rybachuk and Volodymyr Melnichenko, well-known for creating monumental and decorative designs in the 1960s—1980s in Kyiv. Their main artwork, the Wall of Remembrance at Baykove Cemetery, was destroyed by the Soviet authorities after 13 years of daily hard work.

The Memorial Park on Baykove Cemetery and the mosaic pool "Stars and Constellations" in front of the Palace of Pioneers became the main location of the storyline.

Save Kyiv Modernism

In turbulent times of transition, it is important to appreciate the cultural heritage that needs to be preserved. Modern history is created at this very moment. Modernist architecture is no longer identified as a relic of the Soviet era. It is transitioning to the next level reflecting innovative work methods, ambitious technological processes and complex engineering solutions of its time. Our goal is to preserve and convey this era for the next generations, with all its authenticity and innovative solutions



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Ada Rybachuk and Volodymyr Melnychenko Cultural Heritage Preservation Fund