Kyiv Poster Project

Ukrainian designers and illustrators strive to share their visual ideas of Kyiv. We asked talented creatives to make posters with Kyiv’s inscription, in which the artists would reflect their idea of the city: impressions, memories, and reflections on the past, present and the future.

Wherever fonts are used in the poster, their creators — also Ukrainian font designers — are indicated in the description.

We are excited to share these graphic and type interpretations of Kyiv with you and hope those posters will help deliver the message of Kyiv being the Сity of Сhanges.


Yurko Gutsulyak
Mari Kinovych
Mykola Kovalenko
Oleksandra Korchevska-Tsekhosh
Artem Gusev
Dasha Stepicheva
Anton Firsik
Kate Jacuszek
Oleh Fedunchak
Olha Protasova
Victoria and Vitalina Lopukhiny

Curated by Olha Protasova