DONNA Factory

We take our motto — Furniture for the Future! — quite seriously, hence we make sure to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends offering our clients furniture of the new age, furniture of the future!

DONNA Factory has been creating original interior items for many years, working together with the most famous Ukrainian designers. By experimenting with shapes, forms, lines, textures and technologies, DONNA Factory’s furniture reflects our inspiration for modern design — its simplicity, authenticity, primal foundations, traditions and nature itself.

KONYKY pouffes

if you’re always running out of chairs in your office or house the KONYKY pouffes set can solve the problem of placing a large number of guests.

Sitting, lying down, and creating a play space, KONYKY pouffes are comfortable for each and every one. Even a child can lift it as each pouf weighs 7 kg.

KONYKY pouffes are a find for rooms that require regular rearrangement: living room, kids' room, office spaces, etc.

Designer: Natalia Filonenko