Diana Bilichenko, bioartist.

(Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine)

Kyiv. Rhizome

Materials: wheat roots, flax, hemp, vegetable dyes.
Curated by Sana Moreau

“I remember how once I discovered for myself Serhii Myronov, famous Kyiv guide and the city researcher, archaeologist, and historian. He had been collecting old tiles that Serhii would usually find in abandoned historical buildings in Kyiv. He wanted to preserve that fading part of the city and restore its beauty for future generations.

“The war took Serhii’s life in November 2022 in one of the most dangerous zones of the frontline spots of the war — Bakhmut (Donetsk Region)”, says Diana Bilichenko.That was the beginning of the story that prompted Diana Bilichenko to arrange this installation.

The exhibition will feature series of ornamental tile prints made from wheat roots — Kyiv. Rhizome /2022/, artwork Sophia /2023/.